Andrés Smerkin

Andrés Smerkin

Information Systems Engineer. Developer at Riess Group. Husband and Father

About Me

Hello, my name is Andrés Smerkin, and this is my personal and presentational website. I'm from Mendoza, Argentina and I love technology, primarily related to building great websites and apps. I love every aspect of a website, and I always work towards giving a great experience, but at the same time keeping the simplicity and organization a piece of code deserves.

I also like to participate in cool projects and give my piece of service to non-profits. Currently, I'm maintaining the website and some other systems for Fundación Claves. I've learned that serving others is one of the greatest fulfillment experiences we can get in this life. So maybe you read an article about this in my blog.

You will notice I like to keep things simple. I've also learned that making things complicated doesn't always help to achieve a great solution. Why mount an entire CMS if a static website like this one does the job! Why keep servers, infrastructure, etc., if you can keep your store running with a small fee in Shopify.

You won't find a portfolio on this site, because portfolios show the visible part of the work, and I always work in what is not visible at a glance. I prefer to relate experiences of stuff I've built, and probably you will find that in the blog posts. So if you want to know what's my deal, I strongly advise you to read the blog.

Finally, I can tell you that I'm always willing to hear about great things to do. In my case, great doesn't mean "to conquer the world," but a beautiful challenge to pursue. It can be a small project, but as long as the idea is cool, you can ping me.

Anything you want to tell me, please do it sending a private Linkedin message, or you can also email me at